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Welcome to the Decadent Vapours Safety Center. This is a searchable database of all our Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Certificates of Conformity (CoC) and Diactyl & Acetyl Propionyl Certificates. As you know we take the safety and quality our products very seriously and all documents in this database can be used for your Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and General Products Safety Regulations (GPSR) compliance needs. All documents can be viewed and downloaded in a PDF format for your own records. All documents contained in this database are correct at time of publishing.

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Safety Datasheets Full List

AACONCILCigar Light Concentrate
AACONSTRStrawberry Concentrate
AACONMSBMenthol Special Blend Concentrate
AACONALMAlmond Concentrate
AACONORBOrange Blossom Concentrate
AACONBACBananacharma Concentrate
AABBB##50PG50VGXXDecadence E-liquid >2.5% Nicotine
AACONBUTButterscotch Concentrate
AACONRAFRainbow Fruit Concentrate
AACONLMNLemon Concentrate
AACONCAPCappuccino Concentrate
AACONLEBLemony Blush Concentrate
AACONBANBanana Concentrate
ABYYY1560VG40PG00Art Blends 0% Nicotine
AACONMICMilk Chocolate Concentrate
AACONSTIStrawberry Ice Concentrate
AACONCCAChocolate Caramel Concentrate
AACONPAFPassionfruit Concentrate
AACONBCHBlack Cherry Concentrate
AACONCOCCoconut Concentrate
AACONBLBBlueberry Concentrate
AACONHACHavana Cigar Concentrate
AAARA####PG72PG Archangel
AACONSHLSherbet Lemon Concentrate
AAPG50AG50Diluent AG50/PG50
AACONMANMango Concentrate
DJCONNY6New York 60 Concentrate
AACONTURTurkish Concentrate
AACONCUSLemony Custard Concentrate
AACONSWCSweet Cherry Concentrate
AABCBVGBig Cloud Base Kit
AAAND50PG50AG54Angelic Decadence PG/VG
AACONCARCaramel Concentrate
AACONSPESpearmint Concentrate
AACONWATWalter Malone Concentrate
AACONCIGCigar Concentrate
AACONAMRAmerican Red Concentrate
AACONLYCLychee Concentrate
AACONCRMCrème Anglaise Concentrate
AACONSARSarsaparilla Concentrate
AACONRASRaspberry Concentrate
AACONHITHill Town Concentrate
AACONABSAbsinthe Concentrate
AACONLIQLiquorice Concentrate
AACONWHGWhite Grape Concentrate
AACONKMLKarmel Concentrate
AACONPAVParma Violet Concentrate
AACONSTAStatex Concentrate
AACONWAIWaikiki Hula Concentrate
AACONGUAGuava Concentrate
AAAND####AG54Angelic Decadence AG
AACONRACRhubarb & Custard Concentrate
AACONORLOrange Liqueur Concentrate
AACONPEAPeach Concentrate
AACONTOBTobacco Concentrate
AACONLIZLime Zinger Concentrate
AAPGMonopropylene Glycol
DJCONSACSan Clemente Concentrate
AACONGRAGreen Apple Concentrate
AACONGACGallic Charm Concentrate
DJCONZINZingo Concentrate
AACONPURPurpello Concentrate
AACONTIRTiramisu Concentrate
AAAGAqueous Glycerine
AACONLEMLemon Meringue Concentrate
AACONKOFKola Float Concentrate
AACONNAMNana Mint Concentrate
AACONCCHCherry Cheroot Concentrate
AACONMENMenthol Concentrate
AABBB##50PG50VG00Decadence E-liquid 0% Nicotine
AACONBERBerrylicious Concentrate
AAAND####PG54Angelic Decadence PG
AAXXX1525PG75VG00Big Cloud E-liquid 0% Nicotine
AACONBUBBubblegum Concentrate
AACONCRACranberry Concentrate
AAPG50VG50Diluent PG50/VG50
AAARA####AG72AG Archangel
AACONRUCRum & Kola Concentrate
AACONDABDandelion & Burdock Concentrate
AACONROBRoast Beef Concentrate
AACONYLYYlang ylang Concentrate
AACONCCOCherry Cola Concentrate
AACONDRFDragon Fruit Concentrate
AACONCABCafe Brasiliano Concentrate
AACONCHICherry Ice Concentrate
AACONPESPeach Schnapps Concentrate
AACONAPRApricot Concentrate
AACONVIRVirginia Concentrate
AACONOLPOld Port Concentrate
DJCONBANBanoffee Concentrate
AACONMELMelon Concentrate
AACONESPEspresso Concentrate
AACONANSAniseed Concentrate
AACONBLLBlue Limey Concentrate
AACONMHWMaple Hot Wings Concentrate
AACONTANTangerine Concentrate
AACONRAIRaspberry Ice Concentrate
AACONCOYCocoyam Concentrate
AACONCIRCigar Rich Concentrate
AACONFRPFruit Punch Concentrate
AACONVEVVery Vanilla Concentrate
AACONBBCBlackberry Crumble Concentrate
AACONMTOMenthol Tobacco Concentrate
AACONSMBSmokey Bacon Concentrate
AACONWTAWelsh Taffi Concentrate
AABBB##50PG50VGDecadence E-liquid <2.5% Nicotine
AACONBBYBlackberry Concentrate
AACONBKDBlackdrops Concentrate
AACONHARHavana Cigar Concentrate
AACONWISWild Strawberry Concentrate
DJCONBECBerry Crush Concentrate
AACONRCURhubarb Cuddle Concentrate
AACONRHURhubarb Concentrate
AACONROCRoast Chicken Concentrate
DJCONTUDTurkish Delight Concentrate
AACONDEBDesert Blend Concentrate
AACONMCCMint Choc Chip Concentrate
AACONWHCWhite Chocolate Concentrate
AACONPEPPeppermint Concentrate
AACONSTBStrawberrino Concentrate
AACONBLIBlackcurrant Ice Concentrate
AACONAPIApple Ice Concentrate
AACONBALBlueberry & Lime Concentrate
AACONMOJMojito Concentrate
AACONPINPineapple Concentrate
AACONVAIVanilla Ice Concentrate
AACONCANCandyfloss Concentrate
AACONAMGAmerican Gold Concentrate
AACONMETMentholyptus Concentrate
DJCONJELJelloopy Concentrate
AACONREGRed Grape Concentrate
AACONDY4DY4 Concentrate
DJCONCALCafé Au Lait Concentrate
AACONBLABlackcurrant Concentrate
AACONRIPRich Pipe Concentrate
AACONAMBAmber Blend Concentrate
AACONOTTOrange Tactics Concentrate
AABCBVG00Big Cloud Base Kit 0% Nicotine
ABYYY1560VG40PGArt Blends <2.5% Nicotine
AACONCBAChocolate Banana Concentrate
AACONWEPWelsh Pipe Concentrate
AACONAROAromatic Concentrate
AACONREZRed Zip Concentrate
AACONMAWMalt Whiskey Concentrate
DJCONRETRed Tab Concentrate
AAXXX1525PG75VGBig Cloud E-liquid < 2.5% Nicotine
AACONOREOrangella Concentrate
AACONAPLApple Concentrate
AACONLITLong Island Iced Tea Concentrate
AACONCHLCherrylicious Concentrate
AACONDY3DY3 Concentrate
DJCONFRBFrostbite Concentrate
AACONKOLKola Concentrate
AACONKIWKiwi Concentrate
AACONCPBChoco Peanut Butter Concentrate

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