Four Seasons

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Our seasonal specials have become so popular, we’ve decided to offer them all year round. Now vapers can get in the mood with the heart-vaping Love Potion No.6, savour a taste of summerthing special with Raspberry Dripple, go apple-cheeked with joy with Orchard Scrumple, or luxuriate in the finery that is Gold – whenever they feel like it.

Each comes specially designed in a coloured glass bottle with dripper. As with all DV products, all contain only the finest ingredients and have been properly tested to comply with all regulations and meet all required standards. So it’s not just the taste that customers will find reassuringly good.


Base: Spring, Summer & Autumn are 60PG/40VG, Gold is in a base of 50PG/50VG

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Four Seasons

Autumn – Orchard Scrumple, Spring – Love Potion, Summer – Raspberry Dripple, Winter – Gold


0, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8


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