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‘Wholesale e-liquid – Proudly made in the UK – and reassuringly good’


The vapour to savour

We have been producing premium wholesale e-liquids right here in the UK since 2009, using only the finest ingredients and following the highest manufacturing standards. We never compromise on quality.

Are you a brand new start up? Rapidly expanding enterprise? Or just looking to switch to a more reliable, safe, flavoursome UK based e-liquid manufacturer?  We would love to hear from you.

Whether you want ready-to-sell product, bulk e-liquid for filling cartomizers, or the highest quality flavour concentrates, diluents and nicotine stock solutions available for your own blending operations, we can oblige.  We even offer a variety of mixing condiments, paraphernalia and pure flavours, all backed by our quality guarantee.

With a huge range of ‘off-the-shelf’ DV-branded, flavoured e-liquids and a variety of ranges including Decadence, Art Blends, *VG and djinni, with DV wholesale e-liquids there really is something for everyone.


Quality you can trust

All our wholesale e-liquids are produced using the highest quality pharma-grade nicotine which complies with the USP and EP specifications.

  • All are prepared and produced in the UK using the highest quality EU-sourced ingredients.
  • All are stringently batch controlled ensuring accountable quality in every bottle.
  • All are specifically formulated to be ultra-low in non-volatiles.
  • All are DEG-free and diacetyl-free and acetyl propionyl-free.
  • Certificates covering each and every liquid flavour we produce*

We are founder members of ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) and are regularly audited and inspected by them to ensure that the highest standards of product quality is maintained and responsible manufacturing procedures adhered to.

Fully TPD compliant product development

Our team of highly experienced mixologists ensure you get the very best and most advanced quality products for your customers. We have always adhered to the highest industry standards, set down initially by ECITA and more recently the TPD. We comply with every single directive necessary, so you will never find a drop of any prohibited substance in any of our wholesale e-liquids. Every single flavour we produce has a supporting certificate, all-viewable online, to verify its authenticity – so that you can rest assured that every product you buy from us is compliant with all e-liquid regulations*.

This is why DV flavours are used by many of the best known e-liquid manufacturers in the world. So even if you have never bought a Decadent Vapours e-liquid, there is a good chance you have already tasted one.


Fully compliant packaging and an award-winning brand

As a founder member of ECITA, our labels have been legally compliant since day one. All Decadent Vapours packaging adheres to the law and is fully compliant with EU regulation and relevant stipulations of the TPD – so you can rest assured that any wholesale e-liquid you purchase from us will be 100% compliant. We use the same grade labels as used by leading pharmaceutical companies.

We have invested heavily in our brand, to ensure that all of our packaging both stands out in an ever increasing market and also communicates the consistently high quality of our product.

Access to one of the most trusted brands in the business

We have a variety* of promotional materials available to our wholesalers, ranging from in store posters to CDUs and a selection of merchandise.

We also invest heavily in promoting our brand to raise awareness of Decadent Vapours and its premium qualities, via magazine advertising, social media and TV commercials – even our ‘Steam Machine’, that attracts attention wherever she goes!


Award-winning customer service

We strive to give the highest possible customer service at all times. Each and every customer services operator is selected for or their ‘can-do’ attitude and their ability to engage with people. Feedback consistently confirms that our team are knowledgeable of our products and the market, are friendly, understanding, helpful reliable and professional – all attributes that make for excellent customer service.

Award-winning flavour development

One thing’s for sure: your customers will never be bored with Decadent Vapours e-liquid.

We search high and low to find the perfect flavour, travelling abroad to try a taste of the exotic, the strange and, indeed the extraordinary. Coupled with our unparalleled knowledge and experience, this makes for a winning combination.

We use our unparalleled experience in mixing and invention to make every one of our flavours sensational. If it isn’t, then we either work to perfect it or we stop producing it – it’s that simple. If we can’t produce the flavour we are seeking we try new ingredients, blends and even new techniques, in order to achieve the quality, depth of taste and flavour that DV are famed for.

And unlike some manufacturers, we have never and will never resort to using any substance that is not permitted or is thought may be harmful just for commercial gain. You can rest assured of that.

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If you would like to stock Decadent Vapours branded ‘off the shelf’ products we offer some tremendous deals for retailers.

When you stock Decadent Vapours you can relax in the knowledge that you are giving your customers the best made here in the UK and using the finest of ingredients, and when you give people the best, they will keep coming back – vape after vape.


Contact us today

If you would like to find out more about our special wholesale rates and how we can work together, please call Liz or Carys, between 9am and 5pm on: +44 (0)1792 897 103

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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